Just two college friends looking to solve a nightlife problem

While enjoying the city nightlife in college, company founders Gracie and Morgan repeatedly witnessed reoccurring issues; the frustration of party goers waiting on coat check lines, the rolling eyes of dancers uncomfortably holding their jackets, and the anxiety of forgetful friends desperately searching for the jacket they left unprotected at the bar...we knew there had to be a better way!

Our solution was to create a jacket that has the ability to seamlessly convert into a bag.  Living in New York City, we wanted to create a product that was both fashion forward and practical.We've spent the last year perfecting the Covert prototype and working closely with our manufacturer to design the best possible product for you.

If you're ready to eliminate the hassle of dealing with your jacket while out on the town, we've got you covered...just grab your Covert and party on!




We are the names, faces and energy behind Covert NYC !


Meet Morgan, our creative designer! Covert originated from nights out in NYC always having to pay for coat check or having to hold a jacket all night.  With her textile and surface design background she’s able to incorporate stylish fabrics into the complex design. She works closely with our manufacturer to create the highest quality jackets and bags that are easily functional. We look forward to seeing her creative abilities shine with future Covert NYC products!


Meet Gracie, our mind behind the business! Her entrepreneurship degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology allows her to balance: managing day to day operations, evaluating market trends and providing input on design details. She enjoys working with our marketing agent to expand the Covert network and enhance the business!